Dru Oja Jay


Designer of web sites and printed materials; writer; editor; organizer; solidarity activist; pastry afficionado; Montréal resident; libertarian socialist; facillitator; organizational/political structure geek; frequent traveller; html/php/css hacker

The Book

Paved with Good Intentions: Canada's development NGOs from idealism to imperialism was published by Fernwood books in 2012. You can buy a copy and read reviews at that link.

Primary preoccupations

Fair Trade Media; The Dominion; The Media Co-op

Other Affiliations

Climate Justice Montreal; Journal Ensemble

Previous Affiliations

Haiti Action Montréal; Barrière Lake Solidarity; Missing Justice; Koumbit.

Social Networking

Couchsurfing, Facebook; Twitter; Crabgrass; Flickr


Cell: 438 930 4693; Post: PO Box 741 Montreal QC H3G 2M7; Email: dru at dru dot cee ay