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Dru Oja Jay is a writer, organizer and web developer based in Val David, Quebec. Currently serving as Executive Director of CUTV and Publisher of The Breach, he is a co-founder of the Media Co-op, Journal Ensemble, Friends of Public Services and Courage. He is co-author, with Nikolas Barry-Shaw, of Paved with Good Intentions: Canada's development NGOs from idealism to imperialism.

Contact / Social

dru at dru dot ca / 438 930 4693

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Web sites

A few recent examples of my work.


The Book

Paved with Good Intentions: Canada's development NGOs from idealism to imperialism (with Nikolas Barry-Shaw) (Buy online)

Selected articles

What if Natives Stop Subsidizing Canada? (Media Co-op, 2013)
Where Profit is Subordinate to Labour: Voices from the US worker co-op movement (Media Co-op, 2014)
Pain Compliance as Indigenous Relations (The Dominion, 2008)
Nunavut and the future of Canada’s Arctic (Al Jazeera International, 2013)
Trudeau Should Forget Infrastructure P3s and Support a People’s Bank (The Tyee, 2016)
The first step to a progressive government in Canada: Take away the Liberals’ majority (Rabble.ca, 2017)
Progressive Strategy in the Trudeau Era (Medium.com, 2016)
Crash the parties: Believe it or not, elections are the perfect time to get radical (with Yves Engler) (Rabble.ca, 2015)
This Changes Something: Naomi Klein takes on the big greens (Briarpatch Magazine, 2015)
Hockey, Austerity and Collective Achievement (Common Dreams, 2014)
Can NGOs Escape Professionalism and Become More Like People? (Media Co-op, 2014)
Nunavut neglect could damage Canada’s arctic claims (Canada.com, 2013)
Denis Coderre Played Key Role in Destruction of Haiti’s Democracy (Media Co-op, 2013)
Elsipogtog: “Clashes” 400 Years in the Making (Media Co-op, 2013)
Where’s the Democracy in the Environmental Movement? (Media Co-op, 2013)
“A Warning, an Illustration, a Demonstration”: Interview with John Ralston Saul (Media Co-op, 2013)
Tears and Loathing in Durban (Media Co-op, 2013)
The Occupation of Workplace Democracy: Challenges and solutions for a solidarity economy (Media Co-op, 2012)
Can Pew's Charity be Trusted? (The Dominion, 2007)
Declassifying Canada in Haiti (with Anthony Fenton) (The Dominion, 2006)
The War in the Balkans (The Dominion, 2006)
Land Claims and Treaties and Bands, Oh My! (The Dominion, 2005)
Manufacturing Democracy: The politics of media coverage in Haiti, Ukraine and Georgia (The Dominion, 2004)
Counterbalance to Reality: Canadian Media on Haiti (The Dominion, 2004)
Direct Action, Direct Democracy: Social movements respond to economic and political crisis in Argentina (Monkeyfist.com, 2002)


Some campaigns

DeliveringCommunityPower.ca: Ran online campaign, wrote and produced video, conducted 20-city cross-Canada tour

UniteAgainstAusterity.ca: Online campaign, cross-Canada postering, events and demonstrations in Vancouver, Toronto

Transform/er Montreal: Event promotion and facilitation

Past affiliations

Climate Justice Montreal
Journal Ensemble
Haiti Action Montréal
Barrière Lake Solidarity
Missing Justice
Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement